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icong01 iconbase 01-01-2015 - Ready for this new year !

Our team thanks you warmly for your faithfulness. We remain at your full disposal for new collaborative projects within the upcoming new year.

icong01 iconindustry 17-11-2014 - TradeConcept in 'The Oil & Gaz Year' Magazine

Among many key players in the international energy industry, TOGY displays TradeConcept in the spotlight of growing Gabonese investor.

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icong01 iconbase 15-10-2014 - TradeConcept doubles the size of its workshops.

The extension work on our studios began in Gabon.

A total of 6,000 m2 of production and storage space which will allow our company to :

  • increase our production by 90 containers per month
  • increase storage to 60 ready-to-use modules.

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