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icong02 iconbase 29-09-2015 - New offices : Weatherford Congo

Building an Open Space office area of 150 m² and a large storage / archiving area of 150 m². For this project, we also carried out :

  • concrete foundation
  • electrical connections
  • the clear water and wastewaters supply system
  • provision of high-quality office furniture
icong02 iconbase 16-09-2015 - Construction of 378 m² : Smit Lamnalco Gabon

Setting up of a 378 m² workshop area equipped with an hangar in wich we included 12 containers for : office, streroom, dining, and liquid products storage.

icong02 iconbase 27-07-2015 - New generation : Workiste Containers

TradeConcept is pleased to announce the first delivery of our “New Generation Worksite Containers”. New maritime containers which combine robustness, flexibility and mobility.

  • Robustness solution, according to ISO standards
  • Quality interior finishes
  • Panels configuration according to your needs
  • Possibility to combine modules in “Open Space”
  • Easy maintenance and repair
  • Possibility to modify the initial intended purpose of the module enable you to reuse the module for another project
  • Economic advantage due to its extended lifespan
  • Fast delivery and installation

Please see our brochure for complete information about our Nouvelle generation Worksite Module : PDF : Worksite Module

icong02 iconbase 04-06-2015 - Base Installation in Gabon : Control room

TradeConcept recently implemented a new Control Room in Gabon.

icong02 iconbase 02-04-2015 - HiTech Installation : Conference room

In collaboration with IPX Communication, we delivred in Gabon a fully equiped conference room:

  • video conference system
  • conference furnitures
  • technical flooring
icong02 iconbase 27-03-2015 - Laboratory container

Delivery of 10' lab module in Gabon equipped width :

  • made-to-measure furnitures
  • water heater 50 l.
  • sink and extractor fan
  • air conditionning 9000 BTU and air fan
icong02 iconbase 25-03-2015 - New office containers in Congo

Livraison de modules bureaux Open Space au Congo

icong02 iconbase 10-11-2014 - Installation of 'Antenna' module type

For one of our innovative customers, we have provided a new type of module : the "Antenna" including  :

  • a structure equipped with a mast on the roof
  • a access ladder with crinoline
  • a grommet system ready to face the weather
icong02 iconbase 13-10-2014 - Construction of new location begins

Installation of 440 M² in Gabon.

TradeConcept is proud to set up this new project for one of our most prestigious clients. A total of 440 M² spread out over two stories, including production workshops, tech labs and dedicated storage areas – all of which are surrounded by a walkway and terrace.


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