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icong03 iconbase 18-05-2016 - New modules : Evo Range !

La gamme EVO, innovant concept de construction modulaire, a été mise au point afin de répondre à une demande croissante de nos clients pour des espaces évolutifs, rapidement mis en œuvre, stylique avec une finition de qualité. Read more

icong02 iconbase 29-09-2015 - New offices : Weatherford Congo

Building an Open Space office area of 150 m² and a large storage / archiving area of 150 m². For this project, we also carried out :

  • concrete foundation
  • electrical connections
  • the clear water and wastewaters supply system
  • provision of high-quality office furniture
icong02 iconbase 16-09-2015 - Construction of 378 m² : Smit Lamnalco Gabon

Setting up of a 378 m² workshop area equipped with an hangar in wich we included 12 containers for : office, streroom, dining, and liquid products storage.

icong03 iconbase 07-09-2015 - Nouveau produit : Kitchenette

TradeConcept now offers new modular kitchenettes. Both compact and elegant, they fit perfectly into your office living space, and are equipped with :

  • a fridge
  • a micro-wave
  • a sink
  • two cooking plates
  • various useful storage units

This equipment could be installed, fully connected with electricity, as well as water conveyance and evacuation by our specialized teams.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information about our new range of kitchenettes

icong02 iconbase 27-07-2015 - New generation : Workiste Containers

TradeConcept is pleased to announce the first delivery of our “New Generation Worksite Containers”. New maritime containers which combine robustness, flexibility and mobility.

  • Robustness solution, according to ISO standards
  • Quality interior finishes
  • Panels configuration according to your needs
  • Possibility to combine modules in “Open Space”
  • Easy maintenance and repair
  • Possibility to modify the initial intended purpose of the module enable you to reuse the module for another project
  • Economic advantage due to its extended lifespan
  • Fast delivery and installation

Please see our brochure for complete information about our Nouvelle generation Worksite Module : PDF : Worksite Module

icong03 iconbase 06-06-2015 - Nouveaux Produits : Sanitaires portatifs

The maximum ease of use for its operators : the portable toilet, the portable shower, and the changing room.


  • excellent size/weight ratio ensuring user comfort and easy handling by only one operator
  • skids under the platform facilitate loading onto the vehicle bed


  • ultra-smooth walls can be washed easily with built-in irremovable aeration vents to protect the cabin from insects and rain
  • raised rims preventing accumulation of dirt and facilitating the washing and disinfecting operations
  • small grates facilitate the water drainage


  • the roof is UV treated and endures at extreme climate conditions
  • single block floor highly resistant to impact with non-slip surface

Please see our brochure for complete information about our portable sanitaries : PDF : Portable Sanitaries

icong02 iconbase 04-06-2015 - Base Installation in Gabon : Control room

TradeConcept recently implemented a new Control Room in Gabon.

icong03 iconbase 10-04-2015 - New module : Worksite range

TradeConcept vous propose ses nouveaux modules de la gamme Chantier ayant pour avantages :

  • RESISTANCE : ISO manufactured according to ISO seafreight containers standards
  • DELIVERY : delevery time of 2 weeks
  • PANELS SETUP adapted according to your needs down to the smallest detail
  • CUSTOMIZE : configuration in open space if required
  • UPGRADING : internal layout can be further adapted to you changing needs

Please see our brochure for complete information about advantages and possibilities of our new Worksite Modules : PDF : Worksite Module

icong03 iconbase 06-04-2015 - New water product : Flexible tanks

Quickly and easily installet, flexible water tanks are a convenient way to store various amounts of water for use in drinking and non-drinking water, production water...

Advantages :

  • Attractive : Up to 70% less expensive than standard solutions
  • Reliable : A few tanks have been up and running for 15 years
  • User friendly : Setting-up of a 500 m³ water tank in less than 4 hours

Please see our brochure for complete information about our flexible tanks PDF : Flexible tanks

icong02 iconbase 02-04-2015 - HiTech Installation : Conference room

In collaboration with IPX Communication, we delivred in Gabon a fully equiped conference room:

  • video conference system
  • conference furnitures
  • technical flooring
icong02 iconbase 27-03-2015 - Laboratory container

Delivery of 10' lab module in Gabon equipped width :

  • made-to-measure furnitures
  • water heater 50 l.
  • sink and extractor fan
  • air conditionning 9000 BTU and air fan
icong02 iconbase 25-03-2015 - New office containers in Congo

Livraison de modules bureaux Open Space au Congo

icong01 iconbase 01-01-2015 - Ready for this new year !

Our team thanks you warmly for your faithfulness. We remain at your full disposal for new collaborative projects within the upcoming new year.

icong01 iconindustry 17-11-2014 - TradeConcept in 'The Oil & Gaz Year' Magazine

Among many key players in the international energy industry, TOGY displays TradeConcept in the spotlight of growing Gabonese investor.

Ref :

icong02 iconbase 10-11-2014 - Installation of 'Antenna' module type

For one of our innovative customers, we have provided a new type of module : the "Antenna" including  :

  • a structure equipped with a mast on the roof
  • a access ladder with crinoline
  • a grommet system ready to face the weather
icong01 iconbase 15-10-2014 - TradeConcept doubles the size of its workshops.

The extension work on our studios began in Gabon.

A total of 6,000 m2 of production and storage space which will allow our company to :

  • increase our production by 90 containers per month
  • increase storage to 60 ready-to-use modules.
icong03 iconindustry 14-10-2014 - Atlas Copco and Gesan join forces !

The power and innovation of the ATLAS COPCO group is now combined with the expertise of GESAN. As a specialist in the installation and distribution of generators for several years, TradeConcept becomes an official representative of ATLAS COPCO products. This new partnership will allow us to expand our product line, thereby meeting your expectations with minute precision.

icong02 iconbase 13-10-2014 - Construction of new location begins

Installation of 440 M² in Gabon.

TradeConcept is proud to set up this new project for one of our most prestigious clients. A total of 440 M² spread out over two stories, including production workshops, tech labs and dedicated storage areas – all of which are surrounded by a walkway and terrace.


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