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Our company operating in the oil sector, forestry and the construction industry, we offer a range of products to meet your specific needs: pumping, power supply.






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Energy solutions

Electricity is one of the most vital needs of industry. By partnering with Atlas Copco/Gesan, we’re now able to provide our clients with generators of varying capacities and for multiple uses, including : backup and emergency generators, Continuous generators (worksite, lodging areas) and Rental generators


Our team can also offer you the services of installation, maintenance and repairs for the following products :

  • Mobile generator sets
  • Stationary generator sets
  • Light towers

Pumping solutions

The presence of water during construction can be a major hindrance in accomplishing the project. Invented over 60 years ago, dewatering pumps are ideal for the drainage of construction sites or quarries, or to create a water diversion in order to perform maintenance procedures. In partnership with Huedig, we can supply you with a number of automatic drainage pumps (diesel and electric) from 50 to 330 m3 per hour.


Our team can also offer you technical and operational skills and assistance to help you accomplish your projects and the following services :

  • location
  • maintenance
  • repairs

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